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IMS Online Inc. (Information Management Systems Online Incorporated) was formed by Robert Schwartz in 1995.  Robert’s background started as a teen and involved anything electronic.   His background includes working on Wall Street in Manhattan NYC, where he worked for Solomon Brother Brokerage running the entire MIS department.  Other experiences includes Pan American Airlines and a few lesser known but equally challenging companies. 


Over the years, Robert’s experiences led him to see that people were open to new technology, but they were not technical in nature and combining technology was overwhelming to a non-technical person.  “I saw a need to bring multiple technologies together to form usable solutions to problems.”


“The first time I took a doctors practice and turned it into a paperless office, freeing up enough physical space for the doctor to hire another doctor, was exciting to me!”  When you give a doctor instant access to patient’s records - both in his office and remotely from home, combining multiple technologies - it is extremely exciting!


IMS’s goal is to provide unparalleled, professional technology services to people, no matter what line of work they are in or where they are located.


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